About Elite Engineering

Elite Engineering was established in 2015 and supports the BEE program. The company features on some of the best engineering professionals the industry has to offer. Combined together, Elite Engineering has the advantage of 12 years of experience in the fields of Engineering, Construction West Coast, Fabrication.


Our Mission

Elite Engineering aims to bring the best-quality engineering and construction processes to the clients. We are dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and developing long-lasting business relationships.

Our Vision

Elite Engineering envisions to establish benchmarks in the engineering and construction industry. We also follow the existing best practices to brighten the business future for our clients. Our vision also includes upholding our strict set of values and standards to become one of the market leaders.

Elite Engineering Values

Elite Engineering has developed a significant set of values and standards. Setting out many west coast services in the area. These are must to follow and maintain for each and every member of the company from top to bottom of the organizational hierarchy.


Quality Assurance

Since we believe in long-lasting business relationships, we also know it is only possible through consistent quality. Our quality is guaranteed for every service we offer. From construction to installation, we promise highest standards of quality at every stage.



Each service features industry standards for ethics. Our organizational integrity is a must to uphold by each company individual. From the employee responsible for communication to the on-site workers, we promise our clients ethical and independent relationships. The same goes for our suppliers. We avoid conflict of interests as much as possible.



We take full responsibility for what kind of service we offer. Accountability is a high priority across our organization. You can trust us to assure you the premium level quality but we own up to how we work as well.



We aim to become the market leader in the near future. Hence, we incorporate the attributes of leaders. We lead by example to establish our repute in the industry.



We promote the attribute of teamwork among our employee to ensure that our clients can enjoy the best results. Due to teamwork, we can provide effective services.


Environmentally Friendly Services

Working in the field of engineering, it is even more important to keep conscious of green practices. All our services feature a design that meets environmentally friendly standards.

With our green services, your business can also meet the standards of social responsibilities within the specific industry.

Why Choose Us?

Elite Engineering is rapidly climbing the ladder of success within the construction and engineering industry. Harnessing the power of our experience of 12 years, we are consistently creating value for our clients. Our portfolio already includes big names. Another testament to our success is the specialized rigging department called Superb Rigging. Under this department, we are offering specially designed rigging services to meet the demands of the marine, construction, mining, and manufacturing industry. We plan to keep up with changing trends in the field to bring the best services to you.